Evolution Markets has helped clients meet climate challenges for more than two decades through flexible, efficient, and market-based approaches. 21 years after inception, Evolution Markets launched its new division: Corporate Environmental Solutions.

Along the way, Evolution Markets has become a trusted global partner for our clients, combining in-depth market knowledge with world-class trade execution.

We hold the firm belief that in driving toward a net zero future, everyone must do their part and become part of the solution. Ambition is required, and unique solutions, tailored to our clients needs, help get us there.

Your Contribution to Net Zero Carbon

We support our corporate and institutional clients all along their reduction journey.

Our experienced environmental markets professionals measure your carbon footprint, formulate a comprehensive plan to reduce and eventually eliminate it, then execute the plan efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our solution set incorporates renewable energy procurement, renewable energy certificate purchases, and investment in carbon offsets and removals. We engage with our clients in a credible process with verifiable results.

Carbon Footprint Measurement

Scope 1 Direct Emissions:

Company vehicles, company facilities.

Scope 2 Indirect Emissions from the generation of purchased energy:

Purchased electricity, steam, heating & cooling for own use.

Scope 3 All other Indirect Emissions:

Upstream activities:
Purchased goods and services, capital goods, fuel and energy related activities, transportation and distribution, waste generated in operations, business travel, employee commuting, leased assets.

Downstream activities:
Transportation and distribution, processing of sold products, use of sold products, end-of-life treatment of sold products, leased assets, franchises, investments.

picture of scope graph showing carbon emission footprint measurement

Report, Reduce, Set Your Trajectory

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Offset, Contribute With Impact

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Additional Services

Any institution’s climate action begins with carbon emissions reductions from internal processes and resource consumption. From there the path to net zero can incorporate carbon offsets and removals, green power, supply chain management, and other activities.

icon for Carbon Offsets and Removals

Carbon Offsets & Removals

We help you define and deploy your carbon offset strategy, from the selection of projects to the retirement or transfer of credits. We provide certification of retirements and assist in communication of your climate action strategy to internal and external stakeholders.

We offer access to a dedicated portfolio that can help you to offset your CO2 emissions with trusted projects and carbon credits that reduce or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

icon for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Evolution Markets' sustainability experts are ready to assist you and your organization’s goals when it comes to power consumption. We structure green power solutions employing renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs), virtual green PPAs, and the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs, IRECs, GOs, etc.).

icon for Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

For corporates and other organizations with ambitions to create long term impact, we offer solutions that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Either through investment in carbon offset projects with additional SDG benefits or involvement in projects with discreet and specific SDG components.

Our credits are:

“Real, Measurable, Permanent, Additional, Independent verified, Unique.”

We work with trustable Standards such as:

Clean Development Mecanism (CDM), Join Initiative (JI), Verified Carbon Standards (VCS), Gold Standards, American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Art Tree, Global Carbon Council (GCC)

Our Global Presence

We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for the highest level of integrity, professional service, and ethical business practices. Our teams in Europe and the U.S. are equipped to serve your organizations global needs. To learn more about how we can help get you to net zero, fill out the form below or contact us at:

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10% discount for all EM members on their carbon footprint report


Chamber of Commerce


10% discount for all EBAA members on their carbon footprint report

Meet Our Team

Benjamin Camus

Nice | Director

Area of expertise:

  • Carbon project development
  • Carbon offset strategy
  • Events/ Entertainment
  • Sport industry
image of Benjamin Camus

Benjamin Camus

Nice | Director

Steve Cafearo

London | Senior Sales Manager

Area of expertise:

  • Automotive
  • Fuelers, energy providers
image of Steve Cafearo

Steve Cafearo

London | Senior Sales Manager

Matthieu Herbert

Nice | Coordinator

Area of expertise:

  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Insurance
image of Matthieu Herbert

Matthieu Herbert

Nice | Coordinator

Barbara Servain

Impact Manager

Area of expertise:

  • Risk Management, Insurance B2B
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Climate Fresk, Mobility, Numerical Impact
image of Barbara Servain

Barbara Servain

Impact Manager

Diana Esquerra

Ast. Coordination & BD

Area of expertise:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Innovative technologies
image of Diana Esquerra

Diana Esquerra

Ast. Coordination & BD

Contact Us

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Corporate Environmental Solutions
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Evolution Markets, Inc. serves clients on six continents from offices in New York, Houston, London, and Nice.

The Corporate Environmental Solutions group is located in Nice with representatives in Paris, Lille, London, and New York.

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