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Carbon finance
Evolution Markets specializes in what is commonly called "carbon finance". Using the resources of Evolution Markets' award-winning carbon brokerage team and its structured transactions professionals, the company leverages its deep market knowledge and experience as the carbon markets' top tier deal maker to assist carbon project developers in structuring projects to maximize the value of carbon credit assets, and ultimately, find a buyer for carbon credits on the best possible terms.

Evolution Markets works with developers in the US and around the world to create carbon credits under the CDM and JI, as well as creating verified emissions reductions (VERs) for sale to buyers in the voluntary carbon markets.

Our brokerage professionals assist carbon project developers in maximizing the value of their environmental benefits. As part of this process, Evolution Markets assists project owners in developing countries to extract the maximum value of any latent carbon assets. The firm also helps companies enact strategies for greening of industrial facilities, navigate the carbon credit creation process, and monetize emission credits

Evolution Markets has been a market pioneer in the development of global carbon trading markets. The company is consistently honored as one of the top brokerage service providers to the industry and works closely with carbon project developers around the world. To find out more about how Evolution Markets can meet your carbon finance needs, please call: +1 914.323.0265 or +44 (0)20 7264 4550.