Evolution Markets' energy strategy focuses on emissions, impact, markets, and risk. Our goal is to execute seamlessly and mitigate risk for our clients in the fast-moving physical energy markets. To this end, we partner with over 600 global companies, offer first-hand market insight from leading industry experts, provide the best prices and education for the markets we serve, and offer a skilled management team of former senior managers, traders, brokers, and consultants from leading energy, Wall Street brokerage, and consulting firms.

We are the number one broker in OTC coal markets. We have arranged more coal transactions than any other brokerage firm, facilitating physical and financial trades in the U.S. and global coal markets. We provide trade brokerage and structured transactions for U.S. OTC physical and financial natural gas and power markets. We assist suppliers, end users, and other market participants in mitigating risk in the global biomass market. And we specialize in applying hedging techniques to nuclear fuels trades, always while seeking to mitigate risk and maximize profits for our clients.