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From the EvoFinance Desk
Evolution Markets Executive Brief: Energy Efficiency in the U.S. and India: A Study in Contrasts and Possibilities
Capital is beginning to flow to the energy efficiency sector, but the breadth of market opportunities is wide. Evolution Markets Financial Services bridge the divide with a view from the U.S. and India.

Dear Colleagues:

Evolution Markets is publishing today the 38th edition of our Executive Brief. This issue provides a report by Patrick McCloskey and Stanley Trybulski of Evolution Markets Financial Services, on the energy efficiency landscape in two of the world's largest markets - the United States and India.

In this Executive Brief, Patrick and Stanley explore how energy efficiency measures will play an important role as both the United States and India attempt the challenging balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

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As always, we welcome your comments on this Executive Brief as well as topics for future reports, and I look forward to your feedback on how we can improve the service.

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