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From the Carbon-California Desk
California Carbon Auction Results
First auction of allowances in Calif. sells all Vin. '13 for $10.09. ARB sold only 15% of Vin. '15 allowances on offer for the floor of $10.00.

At 12:00 p.m. (PST) today, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) released the results of the first quarterly auction of carbon allowances under the AB 32 cap-and-trade program. The auction was conducted on November 14th.

Below you will find the top-line results of the auction. We will continue to provide updates, including reaction to the auction in the secondary market, in subsequent blog posts. Please contact Evolution Markets' US Carbon Markets Team at: +1 415.963.9137 or +1.914.323.0265, for more details on the auction or to transact in the market.


Allowances Available for Auction
(Current Auction)
(Advance Auction)
23,126,110 39,450,000


Vintage 2013 (Current Auction)
Allowances Bidders   Settle Price
Offered: 23,126,110 % Compliance: 97%   $10.09
Sold: 23,126,110        
Bids/Available for Sale Ratio: 3.10        
Vintage 2015 (Advance Auction)
Allowances Bidders   Settle Price
Offered: 39,450,000 % Compliance: 91%   $10.00
Sold: 5,576,000        
Bids/Available for Sale Ratio: 0.14