About Us

Evolution Markets structures transactions and provides brokerage and merchant banking services for the global green markets and the clean energy sector. We excel in developing innovative, cost effective strategies.

Clients come to Evolution Markets to get deals done quickly, creatively, and cost-effectively because we understand that success in the environmental and energy marketplace is about speed, innovation, and knowledge. Using a unique approach called EvoFinance™, we provide a single source for comprehensive financial services solutions. A global company, Evolution Markets has over 80 brokerage professionals worldwide, and offices in New York, London, San Francisco, and Houston.



Evolution Markets is the Intersection of Environment, Energy and Finance™. Using a unique approach called EvoFinance™, we deliver comprehensive solutions to help you realize profit potential while minimizing risk. With narrow windows of opportunity and complex regulatory requirements - all accompanied by a multitude of financial implications and options - we provide the tools and expertise you need to realize the investment opportunities global markets afford.



Our people lead the way in developing the markets we serve. Our ongoing leadership and grasp of market nuances positions us to identify profitable opportunities and provide the most knowledgeable counsel. We also understand what can go wrong with a deal and how you can identify, plan for, and mitigate business critical risk.



In evolving markets, you need a creative partner skilled in structuring services that lead to comprehensive financial solutions. EvoFinance™ is our total market solution. From trade execution to cross commodity and structured transactions, to investment capital raising and environmental finance - resourcefulness grounds Evolution Markets' reputation for innovation within the energy and environmental marketplace.



Managing exposure is one of the most pressing concerns you will face when participating in the energy and environmental markets. Leveraging our market insight and expertise, we can help you execute effective plans to manage price volatility, stay on top of emerging markets, obtain up-to-the-minute information and convert this intelligence to your advantage.

Saving the Planet One Trade at a TimeSM